The World Religion database is updated twice a year, generally in January and July.

Census data added
01 Oct 2019

Census data from 184 country censuses have been added this quarter ...

This quarter sees data processed from a further 184 censuses. These include historical censuses from Sweden in 1900 and Sri Lanka in 1901 through to the Irish census of 2016 and Niger census of 2017. A full listing of the new census data is available in the query "Census data added this quarter" on the Censuses and Surveys page.

Jews, Bahais, Sikhs and Spiritists
01 Jul 2019

Data on the smaller religions in many countries have been updated …

Significant updates have been made in many countries to the data on smaller religions including Jews, Bahais, Sikhs and Spiritists.

Also, changes to the official spelling of country names do not happen frequently nor lightly, but with this quarterly update the short name for the Czech Republic becomes Czechia, Macedonia becomes North Macedonia, and Tokelau Islands becomes Tokelau.

Database administrators may note that to accommodate North Macedonia's new order in the alphabet, the following country ID codes have also changed: 'mace' (Macedonia) becomes 'nmac', and 'nork' (North Korea) becomes 'nkor'. The primary keys of each country of course remain unchanged.

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Religious diversity

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