The World Religion database is updated twice a year, generally in January and July.

New platform
05 Feb 2024

Dashboards have replaced tables as the main user experience …

The functionality of the WCD website has been completely re-written and is now based on Power BI. This allows users to interact visually with the underlying data through maps and charts while still being able to see and export the data as tables.

Selection of where in the world (which country or region), which religions or traditions, and for what years data should be displayed, are now available by clicking on the charts and drop down lists.

(For a limited time subscribers can click here to access an archived version of the previous website).

World Population Prospects
19 Oct 2023

The 2022 revision of population data from the UN Population Division has been incorporated …

The populations of every religion in every country are freshly reconciled following the (delayed) biennial revision of population data produced by the UN: (United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2022). World Population Prospects: The 2022 Revision).

This WCD update provides the latest reconciliation of statistics on Christian denominations and world religions together with projections to 2050.

The UN's next revision is scheduled for March 2024 with Urban Prospects now slated for the end of 2024.

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All major world religions, available by geographic region and people groups.


Comprehensive country religious makeup, demographics, and trends.

Religious diversity

Religious Diversity Index (RDI) and counts of religions over 10%, over 5%, and over 0.5%.

Contextual data

Population data by country, plus socio-economic, health, environment, and gender indicators.


Historical and current census data on religion by country.


A repository of historical data, including surveys.