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01 Jul 2021
The 2019 revision of population data from the UN Population Division has been incorporated.

20 Jan 2020
WRD is now updated from mid-2015 to current data projections for mid-2020…

01 Oct 2019
Census data from 184 country censuses have been added this quarter

01 Jul 2019
Data on the smaller religions in many countries have been updated …

01 Apr 2019
Why not daily, or weekly or monthly … Quarterly updates are not only opportunities to introduce completely new features or fields or modules to the Database, as is often the case, but every update inherently includes the results of a further three months of research.

01 Jan 2019
The status of Christianity in Mongolia, India, and South Korea …

01 Oct 2018
195 cities in 49 countries are included for the first time as having a population of over 300,000 …

05 Jul 2018
Be assured that the purpose of this website's redesign is to make it easier for you to get to the data you require.

01 Apr 2018
The 10 countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations range from vast majorities

01 Jan 2018
Another in a series of reports on global religions by Pew Research Center using WRD data

01 Oct 2017
The 2017 revision of population data from the UN Population Division has been incorporated

01 Jul 2017
presents 2017 data from the WRD together with scholarly articles featuring religious demography

01 Apr 2017
minority religions in Northern Africa and Western Asia

01 Jan 2017
the UN's 1,785 Urban Agglomerations

01 Oct 2016
one of the four major traditions of Christianity

01 Jul 2016
The social and health context of peoples

01 Apr 2016
The "Peoples" table lists 13,800 ethno-linguistic people groups

01 Jan 2016
downgraded estimates for Christians in several Middle East countries

01 Oct 2015
population data from the UN Population Division

01 Jul 2015
best estimates by country of the numbers of Vaishnavites, Shaivites and Saktists

01 Apr 2015
the 24-hour population change by religion in each country

01 Apr 2015
base year of WRD has been moved from mid-2010 to current projections for mid-2015

01 Jan 2015
the religious demography of the Security Council

01 Oct 2014
breakdown of Sunnis and Shias in Pakistan

01 Jul 2014
a further 22 censuses and 36 surveys

01 Jan 2014
The year 2030 is added as an extra data point

01 Oct 2013
revision of Jewish best estimates from 1970

01 Jul 2013
183 surveys conducted in Asia or Oceania

01 Apr 2013
313 surveys conducted in the American continent

01 Jan 2013
301 surveys conducted in continental Europe

01 Oct 2012
94 surveys conducted in Africa

01 Jul 2012
allows religious populations to be easily analyzed by groups of countries

01 Mar 2012
religious affiliation of international migrants

01 Jan 2012
Pew Forum reports on Christianity

01 Oct 2011
Pew Forum reports on Islam

01 Apr 2011
Religions Over 1 Percent

01 Jan 2011
a further 239 surveys and censuses

01 Oct 2010
Two measures of religious diversity are added

01 Jul 2010
124 surveys and censuses have been added

01 Apr 2010
a set of indexes of religious freedom, and Religions Over 1 Percent by province

01 Jan 2010
The base year of WRD has now moved from mid-2005 data to current projections for mid-2010

01 Oct 2009
latest population revisions from the United Nations

01 Jul 2009
a further 360 surveys

01 Apr 2009
Substantial data updates have been incorporated across many countries

01 Oct 2008
Sources include surveys, censuses, and membership figures.

04 Jan 2008
latest population revisions from the United Nations