World Religion Database: field definitions

Data source: Gina A. Zurlo, ed., World Religion Database (Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2023).

Table Field Description
census Answer choices Answers available for religion question.
census Census country The country name as reported by the census.
census Census ID Unique identifier (primary key) used by the database.
census Census name Full name of the census.
census Census note Additional descrptive notes.
census Census short name Shortened name of the census.
census Census year Year that the census was undertaken.
census Country code Four-letter abbreviation assigned to country for database purposes.
census Country ID WRD's ID of the country in which this census was taken.
census Fieldwork dates Date that the census was carried out.
census Question type The way the religion question was asked.
census Question wording Wording of the religion question.
census Religious categories Number of religions recorded in census.
census Source type Source of data.
census_locality Census ID Census ID allocated in this database.
census_locality Census locality ID ID of the census locality (the locality name as reported in the census).
census_locality Census locality name The census name for the locality, province, part of a province, or region, actually surveyed.
census_locality Census locality note Census locality note.
census_locality Province ID ID number of the associated WRD province.
census_locality Religion string Percentage makeup by religion code in this census locality.
census_locality Religion string province Quick province summary by major religion. (same as locality summary unless there are more than one localities surveyed in a province).
census_locality_religion Adherents % of locality Percentage of adherents in this locality as reported in this census.
census_locality_religion Adherents note Adherents note.
census_locality_religion Census ID Census ID allocated in this database.
census_locality_religion Census locality ID ID of the census locality (the locality name as reported in the census).
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Data on 18 categories of religion, including non-religious, by country, province, and people.

Countries and regions

Data on all religions, Christian activities, and trends.


Membership data, year begun, and rates of change.

Cities & provinces

Population and religion data on all major cities & provinces.

Peoples & languages

Detailed information covering religion, culture, and geography.


A repository of historical data, including a chronology of Christianity from the 1st to 21st centuries.